giovedì 19 agosto 2010

Emotional Sunset

Emotional sunset
small town fashionist_NIK_7255
small town fashionist_NIK_7252
small town fashionist_NIK_7251
small town fashionist_NIK_7241
small town fashionist_NIK_7236
small town fashionist_NIK_7229
small town fashionist_NIK_7217-2

Here I am..with a new celebrate the sea...
I live in that small city on the seaside....I love the atmosphere of the beach at sunset...

Silk Blouse: Vintage
Shorts: Topshop
Shoes:Vivienne Westwood for Melissa
Bracelets:My design for LIVIANA CONTI
Bag: H&M

10 commenti:

  1. I think that bracelet is just too cool for words, and I just can't manage to say how cute those vivienne westwood heels are. Great pics!

    Puck @

  2. i love your ensemble! great bracelet

  3. your blog is so sick...
    i love what you are doing here...

  4. you have such gorgeous photos!! love the whimsical feel

    Jennifer & Sherry

  5. Amazing pictures!

    Seriously gorgeous outfit too.

  6. i got back from my summer by the sea 2 weeks ago and really miss it. you are so lucky! and wow your shoes are so cute that i want to eat them!! adorable (:

  7. adore the shoes! so cute.