lunedì 20 settembre 2010

When summer ends..

Grey and livid sky, but still a warm temperature...i love this period of the year, when days become shorter and everything is in anticipation of I propose that simple outfit with one of my favourite dress!
I'm so happy 'cause in the evening I'll leave for Barcelona for ten days...any suggestion for shop or other interesting stuff?!
Ah!!!!..another IMPORTANT thing: On september 22th I'll go live on the cover-page of NOT JUST A LABEL
so.....FOLLOW ME!!
I'll came back soon with some new inspirations from Spain!

When summer ends1
When summer ends2
When summer ends3
When summer ends4
When summer ends5

4 commenti:

  1. Nice bag !what is it ?
    check out my blog also ! and become a follower !xoxox

  2. I love a lot your dress and the amazing fotos!!



  3. I love your tattoos and your dress. I have one too